Avokati i njohur: Ja si ia dhjeu dje shqiptari Alex Sorosit


Nga Altin Goxhaj

Ja si ia dhjeu dje shqiptari Albo Best Alex Sorosit, djalit gay te George Sorosit, kur i thurte titirambe ne eksitim e siper Edi Rames si njeriu vizionar qe po e conte para ekonomine dhe Shqiperine dhe meritonte te quhej njeriu i Rilindjes nga i cili duhej te mesonte gjithe Europa @alexsoros:
Amazing to see how far Albania has come, a great example of economic development and inclusive growth. Everyone speaks about joining the European Union as a one way street, but there is much that Europe can learn from #Albania, especially when it comes to the acceptance of religious and ethic diversity!  @bestalbo:
Albania is in the brink of bankrupcy you fucking sellout buttfuck. We’re in a semi-dictatorial establishment who controls every possible power, controls judical system thanks to your corrupted judical reform and is pushin people to either become emigrants in other countries or starve here. Enough with this bullshit, posting fake news like this and misleading people. It won’t be far away the day when people of Albania will rise and kill all your sponsored criminals in power elites just like Ukrainians did in 2014, you fucking idiot!

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